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STAR Group Holdings has adopted a decentralized business model that enables it to pursue business opportunities in a varied industrial base.

STAR Group's operating business model is a "holding company" model whereby under its guidance it provides partner companies and affiliated business units the freedom to operate as domestic Saudi companies, operating under state of the art facilities, thereby providing the same level of high services and expertise as it does in its own markets and industries.

In these instances, the STAR Group provides its partners and affiliates with an unencumbered presence in their desired markets, strategic marketing support, and unlimited access to Saudi markets. Such a model enables partner companies to successfully operate and compete in the Saudi market, and to devote their energies and resources to their fields of business expertise.

The STAR Group and its associated international and domestic partners, is in a strong position of to provide quick access to leading business leaders, key executives, government agencies, merchant families, importers and distributors, thus typically high development costs are avoided or greatly reduced.

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